Why does a cat need to be groomed?


Cats are good at keeping themselves clean but they often need a helping hand. Having your cat groomed provides the opportunity to do a health check and to ensure your pet has a healthy, shiny coat, free from mats, tangles and debris picked up from outside.


Brushing the coat improves circulation, distributes it's natural oils and removes dead hair. Grooming also prevents mats forming - not all cats will get them but elderly, infirm or long-haired cats are prone to them causing discomfort, irritation and even sores.


Whether your cat is a gorgeous pedigree or a cheeky moggy we treat all cats equally with love and kindness in your own home where they are relaxed, and at a time convenient for you.



Nail Clipping

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Hambleton Cat Care provides a mobile grooming service within a 20 mile radius of Thirsk. Please call us if you would like to discuss what would be best for your pet.


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